We can offer advice, support and proposals for owners that require to fit or upgrade equipment on their existing vessels, or to assess the level of vessel that they are considering buying or chartering. We can also offer impartial third-party reports if required.

System Survey

A survey in advance can easily save time and money in unforseen problems leading to additional parts and labour requirements once an installation is underway and a possible delay in completion. For example, to ensure a new Gyrocompass can drive an existing repeater system and peripheral systems, or a new Autopilot can drive the existing steering gear and take information from existing navigational instruments. For more complex installations, such as Voyage Data Recorders, logging and monitoring systems, a survey is essential to ensure that a system meets all requiremnts for the class of vessel.


We can supply and install new systems to replace out dated equipment, upgrades to equipment to meet extended requirements and liaise with shipyard services where required.

We have undertaken several projects replacing Gyrocompass suites, Autopilots and steering controls and radar, as well as smaller self contained systems.

We can also take equipment and have them mounted in purpose built consoles and enclosures, pre-wired to terminal rails ready for easy installation and arrange for system drawings. One such project can be seen below, showing a suite of consoles for a ‘bowhouse’ control room on a VLCC. The consoles were manufactured and assembled in a modular form locally in the UK and installed and commissioned at a shipyard in Poland.